Monday, July 20, 2009


Legendary Civic

For HONDA Enthusiast, DOHC VTEC from "B" Series family is a synonim word. Tuning a "VTEC" engine equipped car can be very interesting. DOHC VTEC machine is simply a high reving monsterous machine developed by Honda which is famoused for producing high output power without using any forced induction mechanism like the turbocharger or supercharger. A standard stocked 1.6 litre B16A can easily developed 168 Hp without the aid of any forced induction, which is an amazing output figure for a 1.6 litre machine. The B Series has become a benchmark for others.
All the car model as listed below are the legendary car from Honda which have been equipped with monterous B Series machine.

Civic CRX
First Generation Civic that equipped with B16A which deliver around 158 Hp
Honda had first introduced the "B Series" in 1989. The first B16A-DOHC VTEC machine had been plug in to the famous legendary Civic CRX. In Malaysia, this first generation B16A was famously call as "Small VTEC" by the VTEC enthusiast in order to distinguished it with the 2nd generation of B16A which can deliver higher output, around 170 Hp which had been plug in to the famous EG6 Sir & EG9 Sir model.

Civic EF9
More popular as "Honda Mayat" by the VTEC enthusiast
After the success of the 1st generation DOHC VTEC for CRX & EF9 model, Honda had come out with the 2nd version of B16A in 1992 which can deliver higher output compared to the 1st generation machine. The 2nd generation which more popular as "Big VTEC" by the enthusiast can deliver around 168 Hp, an amazing output figure for a 1.6 litre engine. The famous EG6 Sir & EG9 Sir have been equipped with this machine which later become a benchmark for other car makers. This 5th generation civic had gained a huge success and until now, it is still popular and hunted by the speed lover.

Civic Ferio with B16A. This model had gained it's own group of enthusiat.

A benchmark for other high performance car maker. The success of this model had lead to the development of "Type R"machine with higher output such as B16B & B18C-R.

EK4 SiR - Virs
6th Generation Ferio (1996-2000). Equipped with B16A which produced 168 Hp.


EK 2 door model. Equipped with B16A - 168 Hp.

EK9 Type R

Equipped with B16B (Type-R) machine which can develop 185 Hp. The best performance NA engine with 1.6 liter capacity.